Smart storytelling
for innovative organizations and people.

Piech Communications is a boutique agency that delivers results-focused PR and communications for organizations, start-ups and researchers advancing the latest science. 

We translate complex ideas into compelling content, then strategically share this content so promising innovations can create long-lasting impacts. 

We tell your stories in smart, creative ways — so you get the results you seek.

Sitting at the intersection of science and storytelling, we specialize in writing, content creation, strategic communications planning and implementation, media relations, and crisis communications.

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Our Work.

Our clients all work to make people’s lives better, whether by advancing new therapeutic modalities, innovative approaches to drug discovery, or technologies that enhance health care delivery. 

We collaborate with a broad range of science organizations, public entities, research groups and start-ups based in Canada and the United States.

Our areas of focus include life sciences, biotech and health research.

Claire Piech Headshot

Our Team

Claire Piech
Principal and Founder

With over 16 years of experience in PR and content creation, Claire understands what works when it comes to science communications so organizations, start-ups and researchers can successfully translate cutting-edge science into engaging stories, connect with key audiences, and get the engagement they seek. 

Our Services.

We offer a range of high-quality services to tell your stories in smart, creative ways that get results.

Are you a new start-up? Ask us about our Start-Up Packages. 

Content Development

At its core, excellent communications is based on excellent content. We pride ourselves on our clean, crisp style that distills complex science into engaging stories. 

We provide:

Strategic Communications

About to hit a critical milestone? We create custom communications plans built around your unique objectives and within your budget so you can reach your key audiences in impactful ways. We then put those plans into action so you get the results you want while staying focused on your larger business goals.

We provide


Whether you want to get your story picked up by key outlets, or you inadvertently find yourself in the spotlight and need to respond to challenging media inquiries, we help you work with the media to reach your goals.

We provide:

Crisis Communications

Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go as planned. When your organization faces a difficult situation, we help you expertly navigate it to minimize the impact. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to crisis communications, which is critical during difficult times.

We provide:

We are here to help.